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Effortlessly transform scenes and capture professional photos with unparalleled versatility.
With its innovative open cube design and magnetic systems, XUUTBOX Studio empowers photographers to create limitless configurations

the Studio.

Why Choose XUUTBOX?
  • Designed by professionals, for professionals
  • Unparalleled customization options
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Endless creative possibilities
  • Streamline your workflow with innovative accessories

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What sets XUUTBOX Studio apart?
It’s the fully magnetized, open aluminum cube.
Attach backgrounds, filters, diffusers, or any photographic equipment directly to the structure with ease, speed, and security.


Trouble with attachments?
No more, with XUUTBOX Studio Magnetic Clamps!
Our innovative clamps feature a precise, serrated membrane grip for a powerful hold on any material.

The Aluminum Structure
That Changed Everything.


unprecedented filters, diffusers, and backgrounds – exclusively available with the XUUTBOX Studio.

Fully Magnetized Design

Endless Sets Possibilities

Innovative Magnetic Clamps

New Filtration Technology

First Portable Aluminum Studio Structure

Open Walls Creativity



We’ve meticulously designed a suite of accessories that complement the XUUTBOX Studio, increasing customisation and functionality, taking your portable studio to new heights. 

Light Filtering.

Our in-house technology allows us to manufacture filters without size restrictions, in any color from the PANTONE® chart, and with a groundbreaking double-sided finish.
Additionally, they fit perfectly with the XUUTBOX Studio.
Before After

A Structure
Built for Creativity.

XUUTBOX Studio is a transformative structure brimming with endless potential. Simply position your desired filter, gel, or background near the magnetic cube, and watch it magically adhere with a satisfying click. It’s that easy!

Want To Know More?


  • How to Use XUUTBOX Studio? ▼

    Just place the XUUTBOX Studio on it's legs or another sturdy base and easily snap on filters or diffusers with the unique magnetic system—no tools needed!

  • What is the XUUTBOX Studio Made Of? ▼

    The XUUTBOX Studio is crafted from durable, high-quality 6000 series aluminum, making up 90% of its structure.

  • What Size is the XUUTBOX Studio? ▼

    The studio is a cube about 26 inches (66cm) on each side. With the legs included, it stands about 51 inches (130cm) tall.

  • What's The Price of the XUUTBOX Studio? ▼

    The pricing will be provided as we approach our Kickstarter launch date. Until then, you can join our wait list for free and get 40% off during launch day!

  • How Do I Set Up the XUUTBOX Studio? ▼

    Simply unfold the studio, and the magnetic system takes care of everything else, ensuring a swift and effortless setup.

  • Do I Need Any Screws to Assemble the XUUTBOX Studio? ▼

    The XUUTBOX Studio is designed for a hassle-free, screw-free assembly. Put it together quickly and without any tools.

  • Does the XUUTBOX Studio Come with Any Accessories Like Color Filters or Diffusers? ▼

    Yes, your XUUTBOX Studio includes a variety of filters and diffusers, featuring advanced, patented technology for the best results.

Discover the limitless potential of XUUTBOX Studio

These stunning results are just the beginning!

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